Diet fast down from 20 to 35 kg per month

Diet fast down from 20 to 35 km per month
Dr : - that the shortage in this system a real shortage because he is of body fat , so it is not easy re- configured in short periods so it stays person without an increase for very long periods as long as Hafez in his eating a balanced system and reduced sugars and fats ...
And that was great shortage does not affect any of biometrics within the body and does not affect health as long as Almtalj take care of a meal in it without deleting the meals fit for all ages and اضروره of vitamins with the need to adhere to the meals mentioned without modification ....
Into the stomach begins to decrease gradually finds oneself up to the stage very quickly satiety and a sense of vitality , while the body to get used to this system and we will use in this diet :
Ground flaxseed with salad or yogurt ...
The instructions in this diet : -
Yogurt is required here : is Activia yogurt
Because it helps digestion good
And improve the process of body lift
1 - Drink 8 glasses of water a day and more
2 - Action Sport for a quarter of an hour just walking .
3 - Diet drinks are not allowed because they بالغالب be commercial and affect the program.
4 - allowed to drink coffee and herbal tea ( without sugar )
5 - Pets eating lettuce or cucumber between meals ( choose one class ), but two hours before the meal
6 - Fighting to catch as much as possible and eat herbal laxatives
7 - eat slowly until the rapid improvement of satiety
8 - not the normal consumption of sugar , please use the sugar Diet and them (Splenda )
 9 - not the consumption of sweets as they work to kill this diet and also slow the descent of weight ...

Daily breakfast the first week : -
Adtin boiled + pill option + MORTADELLA by the desire
Saturday) Lunch: - salad bowl without tomatoes and Islands
The reason is that the salts and tomato trapped body fluids
And calorie rich islands that you will work in a slow descent of weight
Dinner: - roast beef ( Steak piece ) of salt - free and yogurt Aloktivia ..

(Sunday) Lunch: - Chicken poached Aoemczua and Activia spoon of ground flaxseed
Dinner : - 2 hard-boiled egg + salad ( cucumber , lettuce , green peppers , cabbage and parsley )

( Monday ) Lunch: - Quraish cheese or cheese skimmed the amount of 80 g
Dinner: - roast beef , minced or released poached or grilled chicken

Tuesday Lunch: - love kiwi or TWO ( I observe )
Dinner: - Tuna tray with water , and if you had who where oil must be filtered with Activia milk and a teaspoon ground flaxseed

(Wednesday) Lunch: - boiled vegetables and should not add salt only small amounts dinner : - Fish Augmbri the Otunh oil refinery + salad with milk Activia

(Thursday ) Lunch: - boiled meat and salad with a spoon of ground flaxseed dinner: a - Shawarma bowl without bread ( all day )

(Friday ) Lunch: - poached chicken + green salad bowl + Activia milk ..
Dinner: - bovine Mrtdla ( 3 slices ) Activia milk .

Of course, the eighth day TAKE (Free Day) 

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