7 days of healthy meals = curvaceous body in a week

Enough for some Telstar ASTM Tatum wear , dresses, pants comfortably full . However, it was left in front of you a lot of time before going to the party. But the solution is to get rid of the toxins and the water accumulated in the tissues. Within a week , www get curvy body I always wanted to enjoy. 

All www approach the issuing party or a wedding or family event with a dress ASTM generates excessive worry and plump waist , arms Dalmatian . It has become a tradition. But enough ! And watch extreme diets are not enough . We will not be able to three days to get rid of three pounds of fat. However, it is quite possible that the loss of an output size of excess tissue water and food aid . 

Objective: To get rid of the bulge 

www body is water : 30 liters when the woman weighing 50 kg . Said Dr. venous disease and about 18 liters of water is the amount in the cellular composition of the skin and muscles and bones. Note that four quarters comprise blood and saliva and digestive fluids ... The other eight liters Tm our cells : This is the water coming out of the arteries , and the venous and lymphatic reabsorbed. 
But the balance low clearance (water in the tissue in the arteries) and reabsorption (veins and lymphatics captured ) easily avoided . That may result from venous and lymphatic circulation or hormonal imbalance or poor between progesterone , and estrogen . Also occurs under the influence of certain drugs , in case of inflammation of altered permeability of the blood or to modify the concentration of the protein in the blood or tissues . 
In this case, the lower body swollen , as in the abdominal region before the days before menstruation. Pressing the foreskin finger leaves an impact on them . Result: Ahead tried to get as much grace , but always full! Trying to change reality ... 

perfect food 

The problem is not limited to the calories! Funny Alana also requires food and water . Here is a list of enemies Recharge ... and its allies. 
• Hey Hey salt : too much salt is consumed as it is the main cause of water conservation in the tissues and swelling of the body, from head to foot, nine grams of salt storage means for one liter water for 24 to 48 hours ! While facilitating the use of salt and forget the cheese and chips , olives , canned and processed foods that contain a high percentage of it . Troy also use soy sauce , mustard , bread and salt ... and use , of course. 

Tip : Replace salt with fresh herbs and spices useful and rich in flavor . 
• focus on proteins : adequate intake helps the liver to produce proteins , albumin, which is easy to get rid of water through the capillaries. If the level is very difficult to re - low water absorption tends to escape into the tissues. Furthermore, the development of muscle protein , calm or Marathon hunger . 

Tip: If we get rid of proteins in processed foods , but reduced milk products , we added in sufficient quantity at each meal , with fish, meat and eggs. Plant proteins are also needed . 

• What about raw foods ? We tend to eat raw in the days of the free , because they are light and fresh foods . But it is in the digestive tract, the abdomen may swell quite contrary to the objective. 
Tip : Replace raw vegetables, cold food cooked situation Kodiak form of authority. Also can be eaten raw as well as cereals and legumes rich in vegetable protein foods . 
• Drink water in sufficient quantity is not excessive : even in times of extreme heat is not necessary to drink more than four liters of water a day , water multiple painful and useless alike. 
Drink water regularly rate of 1.5 liters per day : a cup in the morning to stimulate the digestive system and the Cuban before each meal to suppress appetite . 
Tip: You can increase the amount of free time, even before you feel thirsty for excessive sweating . 
• Sufficient forage and collect facilitates intestinal transit fat food absorbed. Result: prevent storage and improve the process of thinning. Where do we stand ? In fruits and vegetables , mainly in whole grains and legumes. 
Tip: Focus on vegetarian meals and even when hungry . 
• Ensure that sugar consumption : Improves insulin , a hormone that increases the storage consumption of sugar excreted water retention . It is better to reduce the intake of sugar and salt. 
Tip: In summer , it is easier to reduce sugar consumption : urban fruit desserts available in the market . Fruits and eat when hungry. 

7 days of healthy meals 

Here are some snacks that are low in salt and high in protein . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Fresh fruit salad ( Drachma + half + tablespoons of apple berry ) . 
- A piece of cheese . 

- 100 grams of shrimp. 
- Steamed green beans . 
- Grapefruit pill. 

- Asparagus ( a teaspoon of olive oil) . 
- Omelet (eggs + 1 tomato ) . 
- Cooked cherry yogurt CB + + a little vanilla . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Milk Mustache ( plateau half cup soy yogurt + almond milk + banana + 3 apricot kernels ) 
- 5 pocket . 

- Radish + cheese. 
- 4-5 tablespoons pasta sauce + Altoona ( 150 grams of tuna + tomatoes, peeled and Habitat Touchstone + garlic + herbs) . 
- Drachma . 

- Soup ( beans + tomato + onion + Thing + Red + Free + basil tablespoon of olive oil) . 
- Rhubarb compote . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Egg. 
- Rice Alaskan . 
- An apple . 

- Steam (Isla cold with lemon, coriander and cumin ) . 
- A piece of grilled salmon + lemon. 
- Two pieces of bread with walnuts + goat cheese. 

- Gazpacho + diced tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. 
- 130 grams of fish with onions and Alyssa . T 
- Lettuce (one teaspoon of olive oil) . 
- Safety of soy yogurt . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Cottage cheese with strawberries. 

- Fennel raw + tablespoon olive oil + lemon + latency) . 
- Steak + sauntered zucchini with basil. 
- Habitat apricot. 

- Grilled Shrimp . 
- One cup of cooked quinoa with tomato sauce , water for domestic use ( 2 tomatoes + basil + half an onion + garlic + olive oil tablespoon ) . 
- A slice of watermelon. 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Red fruit salad . 
- Slices of walnut bread with a little butter . 

- Fennel raw + tablespoon olive oil + lemon + latency) . 
- Quark. 
- A slice of melon. 

- 4 of grilled sardines. 
- Sault www lettuce + tablespoon of olive oil. 
- Peach and apricot compote . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Juice: MOA + cup lemon juice + Drachma grain grapefruit . 
- 3 coco beans . 

- Lawyer Round Pill 10 + + + cilantro shrimp grapefruit . 
- Grilled eggplant fruit + cheese. 
- Fruit salad . 

- Chilled Zucchini + + fennel fresh mint. 
- Tehran tomato Martian Edina + pin + goat cheese cubes . 
- Tut . 

- Green tea without sugar. 
- Brutal . 
- A piece of cheese + tablespoon honey + 5 - pockets . 

- Option + fennel + tomato + egg + + piece of cheese piece of salmon with lemon and dill. 
- A piece of bread . 
- Boehm . 

- Green bean salad + tomato + leek (one tablespoon of olive oil) . 
- Cod tablespoons lime + coconut milk + grated ginger 
- Pill apricot.

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