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Ramen is a food traditions of both cultures: Japanese and university students. However, most Asian countries have their own version of this noodle. The Chinese call their "lo-Mein." In Singapore, you should ask "Maggie meet". Different formulations have different nutrition facts.

Portions and calories!
For family packs and dry noodles available in most U.S. supermarkets, a package of ramen noodles provides 385 calories, according to information released by the USDA nutrition. These calories, fat 131, 223 are from other carbohydrates and proteins 31.6.

Profile fat!
A ramen noodle package 85 g fat and 14,5 g. Saturated fats are unhealthy 6.5 g, almost one third of the daily.naruto diet  The other fats are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. According to Walter Gillette in  naruto diet "Eat, drink and be healthy" unsaturated fats contribute to circulatory health through the production of HD cholesterol cleaning. Note that some varieties of ramen flavor packets come with oil naruto diet , which can change the profile of the fat.

Carbohydrates profile!
Fifty-six grams of carbohydrates are in each package of ramen naruto diet . The vast majority of them are complex carbohydrates, healthy source of energy base. Two grams of dietary fiber is an important substance in both the digestive and circulatory health.

Protein profile
A ramen noodle package provides 7.9 g protein to the table naruto diet . This is 16 percent of the recommended daily intake. Although some brands contain animal protein,naruto diet  more protein than plant protein ramen is incomplete. They contain only a portion of the amino acids your body needs, and should be eaten with complementary sources of protein.

Ramen noodles is surprisingly nutritious. A package provides nearly a quarter of the USDA recommended daily riboflavin and niacin, and a third of thiamine and folic acid. It also leads to smaller values, but significant, vitamins E, K and B6.naruto diet 

A ramen noodle package contains 20 percent of your daily iron naruto diet , 34 percent of its selenium and 9 percent of your iron. Contains levels of magnesium, zinc and copper small but significant. Ramen is rich in sodium, with 41 percent of the daily amount of each package. However, most of the sodium is in the seasoning packet naruto diet . Use less flavor, which is primarily the salt will reduce the sodium content.

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