Joanna can increase , but that does not mean it's the end (my history with weight gain after a loss )

In 2010 , I was in the middle of my journey to lose weight and weighs about 130 kg and still walking Balboa forums and websites and social networks , looking for success stories weight loss or Successful people together to send my determination and will and by my research I noticed was flesh Balboa history weighs about 650 pounds and created a video posted Balboa helps students and to deliver him to reduce weight.
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The first video I saw was a summary of the story of his success and how is 4 years after losing 400 pounds of weight without process and how it has become a role model for millions of the United States of America.
The name of the person of David Smith , and he was a good person and very ambitious , and began to pursue his new venture and how it seemed to find donors to an operation to remove excess skin and this story has how he became a coach, and have to send several messages impressive for him and wished him good luck and www Bolden networking site in the company and it was a wonderful person and encourages millions through his account and was modest and considerate as a whole, and encourage all , but frankly , www formed and asked me if I wanted to be like him, was www .
I started to work and focus on myself more and I began to be afraid News David even has disappeared , but the day of days in 2012 , to navigate between sports and other Balboa and if I see David again in the music video , but I did not know that this is a new section that , unfortunately , www someone was pregnant and saw the video and surprised by the news of increasing the weight back and felt in www time fighting obesity and hated and I consolidate convinces reasons that were out of his mouth .
He said he suffered from depression and had lost the desire to do everything and see no need in your life , but at the end of the story , said he would try again, but I Gall or cure any influence .. Video after the closure are angry and very, very angry and I called one of my friends, and I told him what happened and he said, "www www and my hero and I'm not him and not like him develop new Tardier " and promised that in the end not even shoot and Souse history to the guillotine as much as possible and educate people and help online .
In 2013 and came to my story to many people on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube , my results were impressive , but better than your success in weight loss not only reduced my weight but her body is divided and opposed www sex in front of everyone and do not stop Ganja this point , but the establishment of a program called Warrior superfluous fat and disseminate the history of the back and began appearing in newspapers and interviews on radio and television and I love that David came to success and maybe a little more of it.
But unfortunately , it happened to me what happened to David ..
My weight has increased and went Porn buck , divisions, and feels guilty and seek www my own success and began to make excuses and reasons , given the age of the weight gain .
It is sometimes said that my father's illness and his death is the reason why sometimes I lie and say that I, the largest ( try to increase muscle size ) and sometimes , when I get thrown guilty at work, family , fame and people .
But thank God , September 23, 1434 , said , coaches and my friend and the Kingdom of bodybuilding hero Mustafa Tariq'm neglected and began to swell and lose everything we've done in the past and asked me to focus and try to leave behind the years VOICEPRINT www media and Twitter ..
And he smiled and said, " Promise me after the party "
Tariq words were more like a warning or www affected.
I franchise, was the first step for me to get back on track and have already begun to follow the diet of the early days of the festival and today I finished the 9 - day , God willing , and I will www great success and continue past.
Witness the story is that the confusion and failure into success and Ward , but the most important is the ability to find their way on the road to success again
And when they were neighbors in the easy return God and thank you, I did not expect David even increased the weight of 400 pounds and looked, and now I'm back in the world of porn www money and now that I 've done in 2010 for the way through books and social networks and networks of YouTube in search of new success stories debit my determination and my will Madrid.
www and leaves you with more links below are some clips of David and hope Stied www fat , especially if you are in need of reinforcement and concrete or NH again and lost control to try again .

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