Home Remedies for Dengue and Diet Tips

Symptoms of dengue

Symptoms of dengue fever is a serious illness, despite the fact that the patient is not coughing and he feels a sharp pain in his body. Most of the time, dengue fever is accompanied by severe pain in the bones and therefore fever is called bone fever last minute, too. When the patient has dengue feels a sharp pain in the front inside his eyes, and his eyes and joints. Loss of taste and appetite, the appearance of small spots on the chest and vomiting and nausea are other symptoms of this fever few.

Dengue fever also causes bleeding and the patient is irritated by light, is vomiting and can not rest. Could it be repeated attacks of fever, especially after rains. Dengue haemorrhagic fever often causes internal bleeding.

Patients with bleeding face severe stomach pain, ongoing, yellow skin, tights, collars, and raised red spots on the hands, feet and face. Patients bleeding from the nose, mouth or anus and can lose consciousness because of it. Later, the patient has repeated vomiting, can not rest and sleep, with dry mouth and feel a thirst continuously receives. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is very dangerous and can cause death. And the worst part is very similar to the normal fever.

How is dengue

This fever is transmitted by infected mosquitoes live virus in stagnant water, jars, water tanks, barrels, bottles, tanks, etc.. In fact, female mosquitoes are the ones that transmit the fever.

Natural Remedies

Most of the time regular dengue is not very dangerous. Based treatment developed symptoms should be used to tell, and in the case of patients at high temperatures can be used wet towels. According to the doctors may need administer antidotes.

Because analgesics may increase bleeding should not be administered to the patient. Later, the doctor should monitor the water balance of the body of the patient and should regularly monitor the blood pressure of the patient.

Treatment of dengue

Dhatura is a version of the well known Ayurvedic nightshade. The use of leaves of this plant can seriously reduce the effects of dengue fever. But keep in mind that it is very important not to use more than 2 decigrams because this plant can cause adverse symptoms such as dry mouth or bad dilated.

The orange juice is a great enemy of fevers. It increases the production of urine, helps digestion and promotes antibody so that the patient is cured and recover faster.

Raw papaya leaves are useful for dengue, too. Clean and press Book 2 pcs. You get a spoonful of each sheet. You can take two spoons used once per day. You should be aware that if you are going to cook, boil or wash the leaves with hot water will lose its strength.

Diet Tips

When you suffer from dengue should follow a diet. He recommends eating broiled bread, oatmeal, tea biscuits. Drink herbal tea with cardamom, tusli, or use other herbs that are known to reduce fever.

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