Healthy eating tips

According to scientists at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health in Aberdeen, diets high in protein (lean meat, chicken and fish) are particularly abundant and lead to weight loss more effective. Protein is also important for the repair and renovation of lean tissue, so it is feeding regularly if you challenge your muscles with resistance or cardio an essential element of the.

How exactly does protein make you less hungry still unknown, but it may slow the passage of food through the intestine and stimulates gut hormones that promote satiety.

High protein diets can feel the deprivation of carbohydrate Atkins type, but this is only the case if you follow the extreme versions. Everything we talk about the effects of aerodynamics, more fit body is a slightly higher intake of protein - 30 percent of your calories per meal instead of 15-20 percent which is traditionally recommended. You still eat a good amount of energy giving carbohydrates, with a lot of five a day fruit and vegetables.

Q: How many calories per day, so I need?

A: To lose weight at a healthy rate of half a pound per week, you must create a calorie deficit of 500 a day - which can be a combination of normal reduced food intake and burn more calories by increasing the amount you exercise.

Most moderately active women (eg, those who follow the workouts in this book) will lose weight at a healthy pace, if you eat 1500 calories per day. If you are moderately active, you can maintain your current weight consumption of 1.750 to 2.000 calories per day.

Do not go below 1200-1400 calories per day when you exercise, or you do not have the energy to exercise and you could end up losing vitamins and minerals.

Q: What is the best time to eat before you exercise?

A: You will need to leave at least three hours after a big meal before you exercise, but you should not exercise on an empty stomach either. The ideal is to have a small meal (such as a light meal) or snack containing carbohydrates medium slow release and perhaps some protein one to two hours before your workout.

Provide a snack before exercise if needed - a banana, mini pitta or attached to a ball of fat hummus reduced supply only about 100 calories and is an ideal source of energy. If you exercise first thing in the morning, a snack 40 minutes before your workout and save your breakfast for later.

Q: What should I eat after exercise?

A:. This is a crucial time to eat, because, to maximize recovery, you need to fill in two hours with carbohydrates and proteins (which research shows contributes storage carbohydrates If you eat a meal in this time, a snack instead. After exercise, carbohydrates must have a high GI, so it is a moment that could go for white bread and sugary foods.

Some ideal post-workout snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates include:

- 20-30g of nuts and a banana.
- A boiled egg or a chicken sandwich (without extension and, if possible, the egg white only lean protein).
- A protein bar and a glass of fruit juice.

Q: What should I take?

A: eight glasses of water a day is ideal widely quoted and is a useful guide to ensure that you are hydrated before exercise. You do not have to stick to religiously, however, not everything has to be just drinking water - tea, coffee, juice, soda and milk also count.

During the exercise itself, the range of fluid intake most people need to perform well is between 400 and 1000 ml per hour, depending on the conditions and activity level.

The water is fine if you're exercising for less than an hour and do not sweat much. And if you do not exercise for a half hour or less, you can drink at the end of your workout, always made sure I was well hydrated before. If you plan to exercise for long periods of time, are sweating a lot or just find objectionable water, isotonic sports drink may be good for the acceleration of the fluid and the back of the energy in the body and Replacement of sodium and potassium lost.

Q: Do I need sports supplements?

A: If you make only moderate levels of activity, such as the exercises in this book, a healthy and balanced diet should give you all the nutrients you need to fuel your workouts and stay healthy. However, sports drinks and recovery bars can be useful at times, especially if you eat on the road.

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