diet ronaldo-Workout Exercise and Diet plan

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer renowned and one of the world's best football icons. At the age of only 28, proved to be a hero and an emulator for many young people in the world. His transfer to Real Madrid from Manchester United to him the world's most expensive footballer does. His impressive seems to be characterized by a 6-pack AB, but under the lean and muscular 84 kg increase its visibility and attractiveness of potential fans. However, these characteristics attributed for food and complete workout routine as described below.


The goal, which is the priority in this case is most optimal resistance. Training program includes Christian training five days a week. The program depends on the game and stipulation. Each session lasts about 3-5 hours. In essence, exercise improves core strength, balance and flexibility.

Lower fat is the key!

Cristiano proudly mocks a 6 pack and low in fat in a ratio of 10%. Christian says its low junk food, which may contain fat. Also, not a big drinker and breakfast with fruit, whole grains and natural juices. Breakfast includes fresh salads, vegetables, chicken and fish. Dinner is similar to a change in the types of proteins. Instead of fish, dinner may consist of lean meat. To provide body fat, Cristiano rather go for salads, which provide carbohydrates rather than sugary foods that increase body fat.

Protein enough!

Christian has a good amount of proteins that are important for bodybuilding. Sports such as football and athletics due to wear of the vessels of the body, which must be rectified and it is the role of the protein to repair these vessels. Besides providing protein-rich foods such as fish and meat, Cristiano take supplements that provide adequate protein. It takes a considerable amount of protein before attending a training session. The proteins play an important role in the improvement of muscle tone and the energy (force) during training. Proteins, thereby improving the flexibility and agility of the player for a long time during the time of reading.

Physical exercise!

The handsome soccer attend training sessions 5 times a week. Before these sessions, hot outlet Christian around the field for a few minutes. Therefore, aid in weight training sessions two or three times a week. Other exercises include squats, bench presses, pushups and box jumps. Squatting improves flexibility and strength of the player. Squatting is needed during all training sessions per day. It is also an important exercise before a game. To enhance the action of the muscles of the hands, Cristiano pushups during each workout. The strength and action of the muscles of the hand is important in strengthening the stability and balance of the player during the game. Christian also leg raise, push-ups and lat pull down.

Rest and relaxation!

Christian has publicly stated that it is not a big drinker like most of his fellow players. While others go to the cities to enjoy drinks and Christian have a long break with his family. He also enjoys swimming, used to do during their free time. He spends quality time with his family, which reduces the risk of stress. As such, carries Christian life without stress, so it can function as an excellent

The previous exercise and diet regime, it is clear that to be a successful athlete in football, for example, does not depend on the formation and physics. It depends on the lifestyle of the player or the person herself as the habits and social interaction area. A player must be low in fat but high foods that provide energy. If you also want to stay healthy and fit as an athlete, you can follow the training plan and diet Christian or make your own plan with your trainer and a dietitian.

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