diet dates-Diet with Dates and Milk

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A product of the date palm and cultivated since about 6000 BC , when the fruit is one of the sweetest fruits around and also happens to be many different varieties. Although dates can be eaten fresh, dried fruits are often,diet dates  like raisins or prunes. But whether fresh or dried, the health benefits of dates are still numerous.

                                       The nutritional content of dates!
If you are looking for fiber, potassium and copper,diet dates look no further dates. Although the dates are rich in many essential nutrients and therefore offer many health benefits diet dates, the fruit is so small that you should consume an amount greater than the consumption of the required amount. Nutritional information describes some of the essential nutrients found in dates and is based on a portion of 100 g of fruit dates and milk diet.

Note: Dates are high in sugar - up a whopping 66.5 grams per 100 grams diet dates. It is recommended to reduce the intake of sugar as much as possible, even when sugar is consumed fruit.

If you are looking for an efficient, easy, and one of the bloodiest diet dates, effective dates and milk diet help get rid of excess weight.

Dates and milk food aid in reducing weight quickly and without symptoms of criminals to the diet, because the diet of dates and milk depends on reducing calories in the body.

Begin to see the table of dates and the effective supply milk Tara take 21 diet dates all day for seven dates each meal with a glass of milk the average fat content in each meal.dates and milk diet

What are the benefits of dates and milk feeding?diet dates when quotes for milk feel full and in turn reduces the total amount per day, you should know that all Tara contains 20 calories and half the fat of a glass of milk helps your body 120 calories, while dates and milk diet allows your body to 780 calories per day. Plan dates and milk protein contains a high nutritional value and is an indication that there was no risk of protein deficiency in the program.

Dates of health and fitness of the body: dates and milk diet the benefits of dates in your program: diet dates- contains a high proportion of carbohydrates for energy generation, sugar, fructose and glucose. - Contains a high percentage of vitamin B. - diet dates Support for the treatment of anemia, it contains iron.

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